Just a TINY BIT of what you missed at Hype 2009!

May 21, 2009

Here it is, just a short choreography reel of just two of the dance crews you missed if you didn’t go to Hype 2009 at DePaul University on May 7th.

Hip Hop Connexion are in red, Nonstop Dance Productions in the hospital outfits.

Check out more videos at the following links or just by searching “hype 2009” in YouTube:

Nonstop Dance Productions (3rd place)

ReDefinition (1st place)

Chicago Tribe

Fusion Dance Company



If April Showers Bring May Flowers…

May 15, 2009

Then what do May Flowers bring?

Pretty in Millennium Park!


…and June Fest and July Fest and August Fest and September Fest.

It took awhile, but spring is FINALLY here in Chicago! But don’t you think we’ve waited long enough for spring and we’ve endured enough winter that summer should come right away??

Well. I kinda think so!

For a list of what’s going on this WHOLE SUMMER in Chicago, you should definitely check out Metromix’s Chicago Festival Guide! It lists a ton of things going on in Chicago this summer. Just this weekend we have Chicago Mayfest which even has a pet parade on Sunday!!

Coming up on the 24th is the 8th annual awesome Bike the Drive (which I have yet to participate in!) along Columbus Drive and Jackson Boulevard. One site says that a public bike rental system like the ones they have in Paris was in the works (and those are cool! Check out this picture my boyfriend took of the bikes while he was in Paris), but is put on hold because of the economy.

But back to our happy topic at hand — check out Metromix’s Chicago Festival Guide. Now you have no excuse to say you did nothing over the summer!

“Is your accent real?”

May 10, 2009

That was what one of the muggles said to the tour guide as my sisters and I approached the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry on Wednesday.

Her answer?

“Of course it’s real. Why wouldn’t it be?”

After that she said the saddest thing: “No photography allowed inside the exhibition.”

So this is all I could get for you guys:

The Weasleys' Flying Car!The Weasleys’ Flying Car!

Fudge Flies and Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts, oh my!Fudge Flies and Chocolate Frogs and Bertie Botts, oh my!

Whether or not you’ve read the books, all that matters is that you’ve seen the movies. You’ll see costumes and props and interactive things to play with, which even for 21- and 24-year-olds (my older sister) is super fun and you get all into it. My two sisters and I played Quidditch against each other and – yes – your one & only won. Bring your friends and play against them!

The exhibition is so very well done, interactive, and very thorough, and many fansites agree. You can read one of the best reviews here AND see some pictures here (HEY! Why could they take pictures and I couldn’t?!?).

For someone who only watched the movies, I think this exhibition is VERY worth it. I’m a bit angry with my sisters and myself because we didn’t look at the food in the Great Hall part of the exhibit!

However, A WORD OF CAUTION! … ok, not really caution. But if you go after 4pm, the ticket price for adults goes from $26 to $18, so go after 4pm! (Exhibit closes at 9pm Sunday through Saturday). There also seemed to be less people there, so you get to take as long as you want.

Another word of caution . . .  a real word of caution! At the end of the exhibit, they might try to offer you one of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Whatever you do, don’t try the light blue one! If you value your tongue and your sense of taste, do not choose the light blue one.

And yes. ALL of their accents are real.

Consider these: Hottest DJ spots in the city

May 6, 2009

With the weekend approaching us, it’s time to have fun.  Let loose.

Don’t say there isn’t anything to do, and don’t wait until the last minute to make a decision based off everyone else’s plans.  Take my advice: venture out into Chicago’s nightlife scene looking your best.  Get ready to mingle.

Now that I’ve just given you something do this weekend (Thursday – Saturday, Sunday Funday excluded), I have to give a disclaimer.  The following places I’m about to list are not places where one can have “a chill night.”

These places define party.  They are designated for those who are hip, trendy, young, and young at heart.  There will be lines (sorry, guys).  There will be cover fees (sorry, guys again), and there will be pushing.  Lots of it.

Sounds like a weak suggestion so far, I know, but once you’re in, it’s time to have fun.  Order a drink and let DJ whoever take it from there…

Stone Lotus my number one pick for a good time

Open late-night, this place doesn’t get wall-to-wall crowded until 1:30 am. The DJ meshes in with the crowd and remixes most pop and hip-hop hits with various house music.  His booth is attached to the back end of the bar, but he is not forgotten.  Especially when he pulls out throwbacks every now, like Jackson 5’s “ABC.”

The Underground – the most lively

Welcome to a club with a bomb shelter atmosphere and the Triforce logo EVERYWHERE.  In The Underground, the DJ booth is sheltered and perched in the back of the club.  From his huge window, the DJ spins hot remixes and even pumps himself up doing the job.  He will likely be seen rocking out for the crowd displaying intense fist-pumps.  It’s infectious.  Plays great hits and remixes house with some rock, such as The Bravery.  A taste can be heard on their website.

Enclave – most spacious

Because this place is large, Enclave is most likely to hold special events with performances and celebrity appearances.  Its dark inside with bright neon lights tastefully decorating the club.  The DJ booth watches over the main dance area and it’s lined with awesome neon blue.  Expect to hear tons of great house hits mixed with techno.  Definitely check out their website samples.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… T-Rex, a stone, and a pig?

May 3, 2009

So on Wednesday after our awesome Online Journalism I class, I had time to kill before meeting up with friends. I decided to walk down Michigan Ave, through Millennium Park in hopes to get inspired for a blog post (and lookie here, I did), and then go wherever my feet would take me.

I saw the usual: tourists walking around, ducks in the Crown Fountain, annoying high schoolers thinking they’re allthat&abaggachips making dumb poses in front of…

Some very interesting sculptures.

Windy City Dinosaur by Sui Jianguo and Shen Shaomin
Windy City Dinosaur
by Sui Jianguo & Shen Shaomin

Jia Shan Shi No. 46 by Zhan WangJia Shan Shi No. 46
by Zhan Wang

Valiant Struggle by Chen Wenling
Valiant Struggle
by Chen Wenling

I’ve never seen these sculptures before and — when you see the pictures, you’ll see — they’re very eye-catching. The one with a crane and a pig (as I described it to myself) definitely caught my attention (as it’s supposed to do). I had no idea what it meant, but it looked interesting. When I looked it up online, I saw that it’s called Ying Yong Feng Dou and that there’s so much more to it than looking cartoonistic (is that even a word? It is now…).

Millennium Park unveiled these four sculptures by Chinese sculptors (I only saw three; the fourth wasn’t done yet) on April 9, 2009, courtesy of the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Boeing Galleries and will have them until October 2010. According to one blogger’s review,

“In addition to being an acclaimed venue for public art, Millennium Park has a populist mandate, and the balance between popular appeal and artistic excellence is a difficult one. Chen Wenling’s “Valiant Struggle,” one of four new large-scale sculptures from China introduced into the park, is a critique of an increasingly capitalistic and consumerist Chinese society, but the funhouse aesthetic, especially in the park, reduces the sentiment.”
The Chicago Art Blog.

See more pictures and read reviews of the sculptures at art.newcity.com and Chicago Outdoor Sculptures.

Or, go check it out for yourself! Chicago’s weather look like it’s seeing brighter days so there’s no excuse!

PossiBULLy the most entertaining game ever

May 1, 2009

Imagine being the only female — a 21-year-old female to be exact — in a dorm of 18- to 19-year-old freshmen huddled around a TV as if it were a warm fire on Chicago’s coldest day watching Game 6 of the Chicago Bulls.

Each layup, each free throw, each jumpshot, each pass, each pick, each foul, each call, each timeout, each buzzer . . . their reactions just got stronger and stronger.

Not to mention, their reactions at — count ’em — three overtimes.

What did the scene look like?

...this is just their reaction for the SECOND overtime...

...and this is just their reaction to the SECOND overtime...

I know this is an entertainment blog, but sports IS entertainment. Wherever you were watching the Bulls game tonight, you HAVE to say that the reactions you saw — the joy, the anger, the relief, everything — was entertaining as heck! I couldn’t stop laughing watching these boys hug and hold each other as the Bulls tied 118-118. Then 123-123. Then finally 128-127! By the second overtime I found myself holding my breath and saying “Crap!” to some of the lame calls the refs made or the unbelievable shots the Bulls and the Celtics made. At the end of the game these boys were head over heels for Derrick Rose and John Salmons. One of the guys, Don Whigan (in red) even said, “He makes this shot, ima get a tattoo on my arm!! (makes the shot) I’M GETTING A TATTOO TONIGHT!!!” (Of course, lamely, he didn’t follow through).

It’s PossiBULL!
The pictures speak for themselves. These boys’ reactions are HILARIOUS. I’m pretty sure whoever you were watching the game with was just as entertaining as these boys. Check out the hilarious pictures individually here.

Tonight’s game was more than entertaining, and probably one of the best games we’ve seen since Michael Jordan. Some are even saying the best series ever! Let’s hope our hearts can handle Game 7 and more.

Hey. Anything’s possi-bull.

Britney brings her Circus to Chicago

April 28, 2009
(Stripper poles?  What kind of a circus--Britney--ok nevermind)

(Stripper poles? What kind of a circus is Britney??--ok nevermind)

For the next couple of days, Britney Spears and her gang will be amongst us in Chicago.  She will be promoting her newest album “Circus” for two evening performances tonight and Wednesday night, at the All State Arena.  Tickets are still available on ticketmaster.com, shockingly after the star’s “comeback” was thouroughly hyped up by the media. *cough*MTV*cough*

I say that in quotations because it’s hard to determine whether or not this is conisdered a comeback.  How does one define a comeback?  I’d define a comeback as something glorious… perhaps Michael Jordan returning to the NBA… something along those lines?

However you choose to define a comeback–a witty insult, a return with some improvement, or, maybe a reappearance from a long break–let’s take a few moments to reflect back upon Britney’s circus, er, I mean life and career.

Almost five years ago the pop princess began her soon-to-be rollercoaster of a life.  In June 2004 she found herself reaching that point in the ride right before the first major drop sends the cart wheeling around.  Britney had suffered her second knee injury while filming a music video for her hit “Me Against the Music.”

An injury that would surpass surgical fees, a knee brace and four months rest.   An injury that would force her to call off her summer tour that was expected to visit 36 U.S. cities, “The Hotel Onyx Tour.”  The downfall… humiliation… do we even need to go over this?

That summer, all Britney could do was rest and let her fans know that she would be back…  as fans waited to be reimbursed for their letdown in 2004.

Five years, one divorce, countless wigs and two kids later…