Just a TINY BIT of what you missed at Hype 2009!

May 21, 2009

Here it is, just a short choreography reel of just two of the dance crews you missed if you didn’t go to Hype 2009 at DePaul University on May 7th.

Hip Hop Connexion are in red, Nonstop Dance Productions in the hospital outfits.

Check out more videos at the following links or just by searching “hype 2009” in YouTube:

Nonstop Dance Productions (3rd place)

ReDefinition (1st place)

Chicago Tribe

Fusion Dance Company



Summer Camp for Big Kids

May 17, 2009


Still don’t have anything to do next weekend for Memorial Day? Consider Summer Camp, a 3 day long music festival at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Il. Summer Camp features over 60 bands on 5 stages and offers a wide variety of music genres so anyone can enjoy. Bands from Moe., Willie Nelson, and Umphrey’s McGee to Method Man and Redman will all be playing at the festival.

The festival also features many less well known and local bands. I’m looking forward to Daphne Willis & Co, a band that I have heard many times at bars in Chicago. I am glad to see this band play at such a big event.

Also at this years festival is the 2009 MLB road show and hot air balloon rides. The road show includes an MLB authentic collection merchandise room, a gaming lounge featuring MLB titles on XBox 360 and Playstation3 on plasma screen TVs, live broadcast of MLB games, batting cage, and a speed pitch cage.

Tickets are on sale now for $155. However, this does not include late night shows (of course they make you pay for the good shows). Late night shows are an extra $15 each.

Oprah Offers to Feed America

May 6, 2009


KFC and Oprah have teamed up to give away coupons for a free meal from KFC that includes 2 pieces of KFC’s new Kentucky Grilled Chicken, 2 sides, and a biscuit. Tickets can be printed out at unthinkfc.com until 11:59 p.m tonight, Wednesday May 16th. The coupons can be used until May 19th (The coupons can’t be used on Mother’s Day. Sorry to those of you planning on “treating” Mom to a KFC dinner.)

Who better to promote your product than one of America’s most influential people of 2009, Oprah. I don’t know a single stay-at-home mom that doesn’t religiously follow Oprah’s every command.

The promotion appears to be working. Twitterers have been tweeting about the long lines and other troubles at the fast food restaurant. It seems that people are even rioting and staging sit-ins because some stores were refusing to let people use coupons. I guess KFC underestimated the power of Oprah and they were unprepared for such large crowds of hungry Americans.

I printed out two coupons from my computer yesterday. Apparently you can only print up to 4 coupons per computer. I haven’t made it to a KFC yet to witness the madness, but I definitely plan on making a trip.

PossiBULLy the most entertaining game ever

May 1, 2009

Imagine being the only female — a 21-year-old female to be exact — in a dorm of 18- to 19-year-old freshmen huddled around a TV as if it were a warm fire on Chicago’s coldest day watching Game 6 of the Chicago Bulls.

Each layup, each free throw, each jumpshot, each pass, each pick, each foul, each call, each timeout, each buzzer . . . their reactions just got stronger and stronger.

Not to mention, their reactions at — count ’em — three overtimes.

What did the scene look like?

...this is just their reaction for the SECOND overtime...

...and this is just their reaction to the SECOND overtime...

I know this is an entertainment blog, but sports IS entertainment. Wherever you were watching the Bulls game tonight, you HAVE to say that the reactions you saw — the joy, the anger, the relief, everything — was entertaining as heck! I couldn’t stop laughing watching these boys hug and hold each other as the Bulls tied 118-118. Then 123-123. Then finally 128-127! By the second overtime I found myself holding my breath and saying “Crap!” to some of the lame calls the refs made or the unbelievable shots the Bulls and the Celtics made. At the end of the game these boys were head over heels for Derrick Rose and John Salmons. One of the guys, Don Whigan (in red) even said, “He makes this shot, ima get a tattoo on my arm!! (makes the shot) I’M GETTING A TATTOO TONIGHT!!!” (Of course, lamely, he didn’t follow through).

It’s PossiBULL!
The pictures speak for themselves. These boys’ reactions are HILARIOUS. I’m pretty sure whoever you were watching the game with was just as entertaining as these boys. Check out the hilarious pictures individually here.

Tonight’s game was more than entertaining, and probably one of the best games we’ve seen since Michael Jordan. Some are even saying the best series ever! Let’s hope our hearts can handle Game 7 and more.

Hey. Anything’s possi-bull.

The High Price of Art

April 29, 2009

Are you on a budget and trying to experience the arts in Chicago? If you answered yes, steer clear of the Art Institute of Chicago. The Art Institute is raising their admission price from $12 to $18 starting May 23. The price increase will be in effect after a week of free admission celebrating the opening of the new Modern Wing.

The Art Institute is increasing the admission fee in response to an “overall rise in operating costs for the museum”. To compensate for the higher admission fee The Art Institute is eliminating costs for special exhibitions and the checkroom.

For those of us on a budget, don’t fret, the Art Institute offers free admission at certain times during the week. Every Thursday after 5 p.m. throughout the year and Fridays during the summer after 5 p.m. the museum is free to enter. In addition, the whole month of February is free to enter. If you wanted to see the new Modern Wing your best bet is to go during opening week from May 16th to May 22nd when the museum will have no admission fee.

If your still trying to go to the Art Institute during normal hours parts of the museum are accessible for free. The North and South gardens, the new sculpture terrace on the third floor of the Modern Wing, and the new Ryan Education Center in the Modern Wing are all open free of charge.

Britney brings her Circus to Chicago

April 28, 2009
(Stripper poles?  What kind of a circus--Britney--ok nevermind)

(Stripper poles? What kind of a circus is Britney??--ok nevermind)

For the next couple of days, Britney Spears and her gang will be amongst us in Chicago.  She will be promoting her newest album “Circus” for two evening performances tonight and Wednesday night, at the All State Arena.  Tickets are still available on ticketmaster.com, shockingly after the star’s “comeback” was thouroughly hyped up by the media. *cough*MTV*cough*

I say that in quotations because it’s hard to determine whether or not this is conisdered a comeback.  How does one define a comeback?  I’d define a comeback as something glorious… perhaps Michael Jordan returning to the NBA… something along those lines?

However you choose to define a comeback–a witty insult, a return with some improvement, or, maybe a reappearance from a long break–let’s take a few moments to reflect back upon Britney’s circus, er, I mean life and career.

Almost five years ago the pop princess began her soon-to-be rollercoaster of a life.  In June 2004 she found herself reaching that point in the ride right before the first major drop sends the cart wheeling around.  Britney had suffered her second knee injury while filming a music video for her hit “Me Against the Music.”

An injury that would surpass surgical fees, a knee brace and four months rest.   An injury that would force her to call off her summer tour that was expected to visit 36 U.S. cities, “The Hotel Onyx Tour.”  The downfall… humiliation… do we even need to go over this?

That summer, all Britney could do was rest and let her fans know that she would be back…  as fans waited to be reimbursed for their letdown in 2004.

Five years, one divorce, countless wigs and two kids later…

Chicago’s Own Criss Angel

April 27, 2009

Walking out of a bar late night you may stumble upon a mysterious gentleman floating a lit cigarette in mid air. No, this is not your intoxicated mind playing a trick on you. This is Ryan Shadow, “the newest magician to hit the industry” according to his Twitter.

Ryan Shadow is a 27 year-old who grew up in Wrigleyville and now performs illusions in the Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park areas. Shadow can be seen wearing a black leather jacket with a skeleton design on it and white sunglasses with the Chicago skyline drawn on the lenses. If you ask me Shadow’s style is suspiciously similar to Criss Angel, a self-proclaimed “Mind Freak” and fellow illusionist. Angel has a show on AE TV and also a Cirque du Soleil live show called “Believe” at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Shadow’s MySpace page boasts that “unlike Criss Angel, without the use of camera tricks and paid actors(and unpaid), Shadow keeps it true to his audience and fans.”


Shadow was recently featured on ABC 7’s “Someone You Should Know” where the illusionist was filmed during a street performance outside of a Cubs game.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shadow just a few weeks ago outside of Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort on Sheffield Avenue in Lincoln Park. I was in awe as a man walked by my twirling a cigarette in mid air with his tongue. He then took a lit cigarette and put it out in my friend’s shirt and made the cigarette disappear without even a burn mark in her shirt. He did tricks with rubber bands, a few more tricks with cigarettes, and then the most amazing card trick I have ever seen. In this trick Shadow asked me to pick a card and I picked a 6 of diamonds. He shuffled my card back into the deck and told me he was going to find it. He pulled out a 4 of diamonds and asked if it was my card. When I replied that it wasn’t the card I had picked he warned me to prepare myself because this was going to mess with my head. He then shook the card and it turned into the 6 of diamonds!

If you watch the “Someone You Should Know” feature you can see this exact same trick being done. Yes I know its a bit sketchy and not as magical that the cards are the exact same, a 4 and 6 of diamonds, but come on it still blows my mind trying to figure out how he did that.