Oprah Offers to Feed America

May 6, 2009


KFC and Oprah have teamed up to give away coupons for a free meal from KFC that includes 2 pieces of KFC’s new Kentucky Grilled Chicken, 2 sides, and a biscuit. Tickets can be printed out at unthinkfc.com until 11:59 p.m tonight, Wednesday May 16th. The coupons can be used until May 19th (The coupons can’t be used on Mother’s Day. Sorry to those of you planning on “treating” Mom to a KFC dinner.)

Who better to promote your product than one of America’s most influential people of 2009, Oprah. I don’t know a single stay-at-home mom that doesn’t religiously follow Oprah’s every command.

The promotion appears to be working. Twitterers have been tweeting about the long lines and other troubles at the fast food restaurant. It seems that people are even rioting and staging sit-ins because some stores were refusing to let people use coupons. I guess KFC underestimated the power of Oprah and they were unprepared for such large crowds of hungry Americans.

I printed out two coupons from my computer yesterday. Apparently you can only print up to 4 coupons per computer. I haven’t made it to a KFC yet to witness the madness, but I definitely plan on making a trip.


Britney brings her Circus to Chicago

April 28, 2009
(Stripper poles?  What kind of a circus--Britney--ok nevermind)

(Stripper poles? What kind of a circus is Britney??--ok nevermind)

For the next couple of days, Britney Spears and her gang will be amongst us in Chicago.  She will be promoting her newest album “Circus” for two evening performances tonight and Wednesday night, at the All State Arena.  Tickets are still available on ticketmaster.com, shockingly after the star’s “comeback” was thouroughly hyped up by the media. *cough*MTV*cough*

I say that in quotations because it’s hard to determine whether or not this is conisdered a comeback.  How does one define a comeback?  I’d define a comeback as something glorious… perhaps Michael Jordan returning to the NBA… something along those lines?

However you choose to define a comeback–a witty insult, a return with some improvement, or, maybe a reappearance from a long break–let’s take a few moments to reflect back upon Britney’s circus, er, I mean life and career.

Almost five years ago the pop princess began her soon-to-be rollercoaster of a life.  In June 2004 she found herself reaching that point in the ride right before the first major drop sends the cart wheeling around.  Britney had suffered her second knee injury while filming a music video for her hit “Me Against the Music.”

An injury that would surpass surgical fees, a knee brace and four months rest.   An injury that would force her to call off her summer tour that was expected to visit 36 U.S. cities, “The Hotel Onyx Tour.”  The downfall… humiliation… do we even need to go over this?

That summer, all Britney could do was rest and let her fans know that she would be back…  as fans waited to be reimbursed for their letdown in 2004.

Five years, one divorce, countless wigs and two kids later…

Blago is a No-Show

April 21, 2009

Rod BlagojevichImage via Lake Democrats

No, not to his court meetings.

Blago will be a no-show on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. U.S. District Court Judge James Zagel dashed Blago’s hopes on getting paid $80,000 a week to compete against the likes of fame whores Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, former supermodel Janice Dickinson, weirdo creepy Sanjaya Malakar and more, saying it’s a bad idea.

Well. Duh.

Judge Zagel also said the thought that’s probably on almost everyone’s minds:

“I don’t think this defendant in all honesty fully understands the position he finds himself in.” Does Blagojevich realize he could go to jail for 30 years? Maybe not so much.

According to the Sun-Times, Blagojevich said, “I have to do it for my kids. I have to support my family.’’

I know some “celebrities” can be really dumb — for example, as my sister and I thought today while watching a preview for the next episode of The Hills where Spencer asks where in the Bible it says you shouldn’t have sex before marriage… hello, do they think the pregnancy scare they had in the second season didn’t happen?? — but c’mon, Blago. Really? Is the hair on your head too thick for you to realize your situation?

Who knows… maybe someone will come up with a reality show set in Chicago that he can be in and pay him much more than $80,000 to help him pay his legal fees.

Queen of Talk & Twitter

April 16, 2009

Image via Nerve

Hear ye! Hear ye!

LET IT BE KNOWN that on the seventeenth day of the fourth month of the two thousand and ninth year of our Lord (or whoever your Higher Power is) . . .

Oprah. Winfrey. Twittered.

It was only a matter of time before Chicago’s Queen and the Queen of the Talk Show Universe got a Twitter. With such a big occasion, E! News predicts (jokingly) that Oprah’s first Tweet will crash the microblogging site forever. Ashton Kutcher, one of the biggest celebrity Twitterers, is even said to appear on the show, so that has to be some kind of clue, right?

What’s so great about this microblogging site?  Will we be seeing Oprah tweet the usual unusual things that people tend to twitter about?

I’m playing with my dogs. One of them just pooped. I just picked up the poop.

Will she link to important topics that were on her show or that she supports?

Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Barack Obama!

Will she save a life like the Mrs. Kutcher did? Will she rant and rave like Courtney Love?

The possibilities are endless for Oprah’s epic first Tweet. We can only imagine how many people are gonna be staring at her Twitter and keep hitting the “refresh” button to see if she’s Twittered yet. At 8:53 p.m. Central Time 04/16/2009 she had 47,757 followers. At 8:54 p.m. Central Time it jumped to 48,566!

If Twitter crashes tomorrow, so does everyone’s hopes to tell people what they’re doing.

Because you know, texting or calling or even meeting someone is so uncool…

Get This “Celebrity” Outta Here!

April 15, 2009

Rod BlagojevichImage via Lake Democrats

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich has agreed to appear on the new NBC reality show I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!.

Pending permission from the federal judge, Blagojevich will join the other nine yet to be named celebrities who will be dropped in the Costa Rican jungle to face what the network calls “fun and comedic challenges designed to test their survival skills.” A source said the show—which is set to air June 1 and run nightly for four weeks—would pay him $80,000 a week.

It’s up to the viewers to decide which celebrities go, what challenges they’ll face, and who will be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle.

Should Blagojevich be voted off the show given his situations? Or should we vote Blagojevich on the island to get him out of here?

Lindsay Lohan’s career: Funny or Die?

April 14, 2009

Lindsay Lohan has released video of herself mocking an eHarmony ad on FunnyorDie.com.

In an attempt to somewhat save her career (or maybe more so her reputation) Lohan poked fun at herself by creating the dating ad in the complete opposite way a serious online dater would.  Instead of explaining what a charming character she is, she used the mock personal ad to acknowledege all the negative press she has recieved over the past year.

In the past, other celebrities have used FunnyorDie.com to release statement-making videos, such as Eva Longoria, Sarah Silverman and Zac Efron.  The most noteworthy of all celebrity videos was released by Paris Hilton in response to a statement made by Senator John McCain during his campaign.

Whether or not Lohan’s video proves to be funny is left for the audience to decide, but one has to question the rationality behind it all.  Can all her negative press really be mocked in such a way, or should the starlet take upon serious action to save her career?  That’s up to Lohan to decide.