Consider these: Hottest DJ spots in the city

With the weekend approaching us, it’s time to have fun.  Let loose.

Don’t say there isn’t anything to do, and don’t wait until the last minute to make a decision based off everyone else’s plans.  Take my advice: venture out into Chicago’s nightlife scene looking your best.  Get ready to mingle.

Now that I’ve just given you something do this weekend (Thursday – Saturday, Sunday Funday excluded), I have to give a disclaimer.  The following places I’m about to list are not places where one can have “a chill night.”

These places define party.  They are designated for those who are hip, trendy, young, and young at heart.  There will be lines (sorry, guys).  There will be cover fees (sorry, guys again), and there will be pushing.  Lots of it.

Sounds like a weak suggestion so far, I know, but once you’re in, it’s time to have fun.  Order a drink and let DJ whoever take it from there…

Stone Lotus my number one pick for a good time

Open late-night, this place doesn’t get wall-to-wall crowded until 1:30 am. The DJ meshes in with the crowd and remixes most pop and hip-hop hits with various house music.  His booth is attached to the back end of the bar, but he is not forgotten.  Especially when he pulls out throwbacks every now, like Jackson 5’s “ABC.”

The Underground – the most lively

Welcome to a club with a bomb shelter atmosphere and the Triforce logo EVERYWHERE.  In The Underground, the DJ booth is sheltered and perched in the back of the club.  From his huge window, the DJ spins hot remixes and even pumps himself up doing the job.  He will likely be seen rocking out for the crowd displaying intense fist-pumps.  It’s infectious.  Plays great hits and remixes house with some rock, such as The Bravery.  A taste can be heard on their website.

Enclave – most spacious

Because this place is large, Enclave is most likely to hold special events with performances and celebrity appearances.  Its dark inside with bright neon lights tastefully decorating the club.  The DJ booth watches over the main dance area and it’s lined with awesome neon blue.  Expect to hear tons of great house hits mixed with techno.  Definitely check out their website samples.


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