PossiBULLy the most entertaining game ever

Imagine being the only female — a 21-year-old female to be exact — in a dorm of 18- to 19-year-old freshmen huddled around a TV as if it were a warm fire on Chicago’s coldest day watching Game 6 of the Chicago Bulls.

Each layup, each free throw, each jumpshot, each pass, each pick, each foul, each call, each timeout, each buzzer . . . their reactions just got stronger and stronger.

Not to mention, their reactions at — count ’em — three overtimes.

What did the scene look like?

...this is just their reaction for the SECOND overtime...

...and this is just their reaction to the SECOND overtime...

I know this is an entertainment blog, but sports IS entertainment. Wherever you were watching the Bulls game tonight, you HAVE to say that the reactions you saw — the joy, the anger, the relief, everything — was entertaining as heck! I couldn’t stop laughing watching these boys hug and hold each other as the Bulls tied 118-118. Then 123-123. Then finally 128-127! By the second overtime I found myself holding my breath and saying “Crap!” to some of the lame calls the refs made or the unbelievable shots the Bulls and the Celtics made. At the end of the game these boys were head over heels for Derrick Rose and John Salmons. One of the guys, Don Whigan (in red) even said, “He makes this shot, ima get a tattoo on my arm!! (makes the shot) I’M GETTING A TATTOO TONIGHT!!!” (Of course, lamely, he didn’t follow through).

It’s PossiBULL!
The pictures speak for themselves. These boys’ reactions are HILARIOUS. I’m pretty sure whoever you were watching the game with was just as entertaining as these boys. Check out the hilarious pictures individually here.

Tonight’s game was more than entertaining, and probably one of the best games we’ve seen since Michael Jordan. Some are even saying the best series ever! Let’s hope our hearts can handle Game 7 and more.

Hey. Anything’s possi-bull.


6 Responses to PossiBULLy the most entertaining game ever

  1. dhenshaw1 says:

    Easily the greatest playoff series I have ever seen. If there’s any doubt that a sports story belongs on our entertainment blog, this series obliterates that doubt by being on of the most entertaining sporting events of our lives.

  2. richavady says:

    hi thanks for checking out my blog. a lot of my friends and I here from the philippines are hoping that the Bulls would pull off another upset in Game7. Too bad their inexperience and the veteran presence of guys like Ray Allen, Eddie House and Paul Pierce. But the good side about the Game 7 loss of the Bulls is the tons of experience the youngsters learned, particularly for Derrick Rose, whose super rookie season would surely skyrocket come the 2010 season. He’s got all of summer to work on some more of his game, particularly on defense, passing and playmaking. Im sure Rose will rise to the occasion many more times in the future for the Bulls, much like Michael Jordan did during his heydays 🙂 Hey thanks again for checking out my blog. 🙂

  3. mwek says:

    Sports is definitely entertainment. People just try to classify it as ‘sport,’ but what does that even mean if you’re not competing. You watch to be entertained. You play for the combination of competition AND entertainment.

    Too bad only the select few can make a living this way…

  4. stevecad123 says:

    It was a great series and a strong showing for the Bulls, now they need to re-sign a couple key players and bring in a big man who can actually score consistently so Derrick Rose can reach his full potential.

  5. richavady says:

    Hi there! Hope the Bulls would do well come the 2010 season, especially since Chicago lost a vital scorer in Ben Gordon. Well, good thing John Salmons and Derrick Rose are still there to man the fort for the post-Jordan era Bulls squad.
    Anyway, a lot of things would happen this off season with all the trades and acquisitions.
    Say, I’m transitioning my blogs to my new blog site. this is my new blog site–http://www.richavady.com. Thanks and God bless!

  6. richavady says:

    it’s just 1 and 1/2 months to go before the opening of the 2010 NBA season. I wonder how the Chicago Bulls will fair this time without Ben Gordon to help out Derrick Rose on offense. It’s time for more young players to rise up for the Bulls

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