The High Price of Art

Are you on a budget and trying to experience the arts in Chicago? If you answered yes, steer clear of the Art Institute of Chicago. The Art Institute is raising their admission price from $12 to $18 starting May 23. The price increase will be in effect after a week of free admission celebrating the opening of the new Modern Wing.

The Art Institute is increasing the admission fee in response to an “overall rise in operating costs for the museum”. To compensate for the higher admission fee The Art Institute is eliminating costs for special exhibitions and the checkroom.

For those of us on a budget, don’t fret, the Art Institute offers free admission at certain times during the week. Every Thursday after 5 p.m. throughout the year and Fridays during the summer after 5 p.m. the museum is free to enter. In addition, the whole month of February is free to enter. If you wanted to see the new Modern Wing your best bet is to go during opening week from May 16th to May 22nd when the museum will have no admission fee.

If your still trying to go to the Art Institute during normal hours parts of the museum are accessible for free. The North and South gardens, the new sculpture terrace on the third floor of the Modern Wing, and the new Ryan Education Center in the Modern Wing are all open free of charge.


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