The Boss Is Back


One of the greatest recording artists of all time will be gracing Chicago will his presence once again in just a couple weeks. That’s right, Bruce Springsteen is bringing his beloved live show to the United Center on Tuesday May 12th. The show is part of a four and a half month world tour in support of Springsteen’s latest album “Working on a Dream” which was released in January, and is his sixteenth studio album since his first in 1973. The show will be the twenty-third of the massive sixty plus shows currently planned for the tour, which will take The Boss and his E Street band all the way from New Jersey to Spain and just about everywhere in between. Springsteen’s reputation for spectacular live performances landed him a spot doing this year’s Super Bowl halftime where he did not disappoint. He’s sure to wow the sold out crowd at the United Center with his massive catalogue of classic material and world famous stage presence. Set lists from the tour so far have included unassailable classics like “Darkness On the Edge of Town,” Born To Run,” and “Johnny 99” among many, many others, so there shouldn’t be too many lulls in the set. If you’re interested in tickets, at this point it’s pretty much eBay, Craigslist, or scalpers, but of course, be prepared to throw down for them.


3 Responses to The Boss Is Back

  1. spries says:

    He’s also headlining the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee in June. They have a great line up this year unfortunately because of this quarter system at DePaul, I have to miss it for the third straight year. I just hope he doesn’t slide across stage like he did at the Super Bowl.

  2. stevecad123 says:

    its great that the boss will be back in Chicago, its just too bad he couldn’t wait a few weeks and play at an outside venue, having gone to both indoor and outdoor concerts I have concluded that there is no substitue for an outdoor, summer concert, and its too bad Bruce can’t play here outdoors.

  3. dhenshaw1 says:

    Yeah, it would be cool to see him outdoors at Soldier or something, but this is my first time, so I’m certainly not going to complain. And Spries is obviously scared of this happening: and with good reason.

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