Britney brings her Circus to Chicago

(Stripper poles?  What kind of a circus--Britney--ok nevermind)

(Stripper poles? What kind of a circus is Britney??--ok nevermind)

For the next couple of days, Britney Spears and her gang will be amongst us in Chicago.  She will be promoting her newest album “Circus” for two evening performances tonight and Wednesday night, at the All State Arena.  Tickets are still available on, shockingly after the star’s “comeback” was thouroughly hyped up by the media. *cough*MTV*cough*

I say that in quotations because it’s hard to determine whether or not this is conisdered a comeback.  How does one define a comeback?  I’d define a comeback as something glorious… perhaps Michael Jordan returning to the NBA… something along those lines?

However you choose to define a comeback–a witty insult, a return with some improvement, or, maybe a reappearance from a long break–let’s take a few moments to reflect back upon Britney’s circus, er, I mean life and career.

Almost five years ago the pop princess began her soon-to-be rollercoaster of a life.  In June 2004 she found herself reaching that point in the ride right before the first major drop sends the cart wheeling around.  Britney had suffered her second knee injury while filming a music video for her hit “Me Against the Music.”

An injury that would surpass surgical fees, a knee brace and four months rest.   An injury that would force her to call off her summer tour that was expected to visit 36 U.S. cities, “The Hotel Onyx Tour.”  The downfall… humiliation… do we even need to go over this?

That summer, all Britney could do was rest and let her fans know that she would be back…  as fans waited to be reimbursed for their letdown in 2004.

Five years, one divorce, countless wigs and two kids later…


4 Responses to Britney brings her Circus to Chicago

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  2. sljaskic says:

    It’s crazy to see how her life been played out in the media.

  3. lisaw318 says:

    i feel like every time britney does something..anything, it’s considered a “come back”. Is it because she does such stupid stuff, that as the public, we’re all forced to feel sorry for her? oh and my friend is going to the second concert curious to hear what she has to say about it!

  4. Effiek says:

    Even though she has been through alot and the media has been in here private life, Britney shows how resilient she actually is. She is a true performer, one that is able to come back from rock bottom and still attract fans and have sold out shows. I have to give that to her. Not alot of popstars have that allure or luck after they are seen at there worst.

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