Chicago’s Own Criss Angel

Walking out of a bar late night you may stumble upon a mysterious gentleman floating a lit cigarette in mid air. No, this is not your intoxicated mind playing a trick on you. This is Ryan Shadow, “the newest magician to hit the industry” according to his Twitter.

Ryan Shadow is a 27 year-old who grew up in Wrigleyville and now performs illusions in the Wrigleyville and Lincoln Park areas. Shadow can be seen wearing a black leather jacket with a skeleton design on it and white sunglasses with the Chicago skyline drawn on the lenses. If you ask me Shadow’s style is suspiciously similar to Criss Angel, a self-proclaimed “Mind Freak” and fellow illusionist. Angel has a show on AE TV and also a Cirque du Soleil live show called “Believe” at the Luxor in Las Vegas. Shadow’s MySpace page boasts that “unlike Criss Angel, without the use of camera tricks and paid actors(and unpaid), Shadow keeps it true to his audience and fans.”


Shadow was recently featured on ABC 7’s “Someone You Should Know” where the illusionist was filmed during a street performance outside of a Cubs game.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shadow just a few weeks ago outside of Uncle Fatty’s Rum Resort on Sheffield Avenue in Lincoln Park. I was in awe as a man walked by my twirling a cigarette in mid air with his tongue. He then took a lit cigarette and put it out in my friend’s shirt and made the cigarette disappear without even a burn mark in her shirt. He did tricks with rubber bands, a few more tricks with cigarettes, and then the most amazing card trick I have ever seen. In this trick Shadow asked me to pick a card and I picked a 6 of diamonds. He shuffled my card back into the deck and told me he was going to find it. He pulled out a 4 of diamonds and asked if it was my card. When I replied that it wasn’t the card I had picked he warned me to prepare myself because this was going to mess with my head. He then shook the card and it turned into the 6 of diamonds!

If you watch the “Someone You Should Know” feature you can see this exact same trick being done. Yes I know its a bit sketchy and not as magical that the cards are the exact same, a 4 and 6 of diamonds, but come on it still blows my mind trying to figure out how he did that.


3 Responses to Chicago’s Own Criss Angel

  1. vkokonas says:

    I love this guy so much! I met him outside of Barleycorn and was in complete awe of his tricks. crazy stuff

  2. Effiek says:

    Hey, he’s Greek! 🙂

  3. alexis sofia says:

    Indeed, Criss Angel is Greek, but I’m not sure if that’s something we should like or be embarassed about haha. Same goes for Tommy Lee. Not sure about whether or not this guy is too, though.

    (all comments from the Greeks in class–love it!)

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