Straight Outta’ Baltimore


If you’re like me, you have different music you prefer for different moods. I personally keep a wide variety of tunes on my hard drive to suit however I may be feeling at a particular time. Some music just sounds better when you’re in the right mood. If this is indeed the case, then I must be some shade of insane when I put on the music of Baltimore’s weirdo genius, Dan Deacon. Deacon deals in a form of electronic music that could be described as “annoying” at worst and “genius” at best, depending on whom you ask. He utilizes a litany of instruments to create synthesized, fuzzed-out, and downright wacky (which I mean in the nicest way possible) tunes, ranging from the energetic and catchy “Crystal Cat” to the slower and more mournful “Wet Wings.” Some songs feature chanting choruses and Alvin and the Chipmunk-style vocals, while others let the instruments do the talking. He specializes in layering many instruments over one another, often adding and overlapping them one by one until a giant cacophonous chorus of sound is formed. The sometimes noisy and relentless songs Deacon creates are surely not for everyone, but those looking for some music for the wackiest and carefree of moods could do a lot worse. If you’re really looking for a good time, check out his live show, which I can say from personal experience, is an absolute blast. Deacon plays not on stage, but down in the audience, hovering over a table of near unrecognizable knobs, sliders, and gadgets, which he manipulates at a manic pace as the crowd around him dances wildly. Deacon is known for getting the crowd involved often during his sets, often having attendees form a circle and dance, or make a human tunnel that audience members run through. If that sounds like fun, you’re in luck because Deacon is playing at the Metro, located at 3730 N. Clark St. in support of his recently released (and totally awesome) new album Bromst, and tickets are only $10. I’ll see you there.


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