Food, Inc. FREE Screening!

Food, Inc.

Have you ever taken a moment’s notice to wonder how exactly we consume the American staples we have been brought up to love?

For example, Kraft American cheese singles. Don’t get me wrong, a Kraft single on top of a burger is almost necessary during a summer cookout. Or perhaps place a few of those singles sandwiched in between bread to make a delicious grilled cheese.

But its so perfectly square, so rubbery and flexible… I can’t help myself from wondering, how do we eat this!? This isn’t food!

Luckily for us Americans, Robert Kenner has made a documentary called Food, Inc. The documentary will uncover the nasty truths about what goes on underground in the U.S. Food Industry.

Even luckier, for us Chicagoans, the organization Slow Food Chicago
will be sponsoring a free screening of the documentary.

The Slow Food Chicago organization has been reaching out to help counteract the fast food movement of America.  It’s something to think about when more and more Americans are looking towards the McDonald’s Dollar Menu during tough economic times.


2 Responses to Food, Inc. FREE Screening!

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  2. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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