SHEDDing Winter for Spring

Chicago’s favorite meteorologists Tom Skilling and Amy Freeze gave Chicagoans probably the greatest news we could’ve heard since Barack Obama won the presidency — we’re finally gonna experience the right kind of weather for the month of April. The sun will at long last shine some light on a gray, weary Chicago today and — cross your fingers! — we’ll see temperatures in the 70s for Friday.

So what does this latecoming spring call for? Trips to the Shedd Aquarium!!

It’s been almost a year since we saw those cute dolphins do their tricks in the Shedd’s oceanarium, and in about three weeks we’ll be able to see them again! Along with the return of the dolphins, visitors can see a new Otter Trail and Habitat, Beluga Trail (even the birthplace for the baby belugas!), a bigger sea lion habitat, and just for the kiddies, a Polar Play Zone (wait, I thought we said spring‘s finally here??).

For more info on planning your visit to the Shedd Aquarium, click here.

Images via Green Scene USA and the Columbia Chronicle


3 Responses to SHEDDing Winter for Spring

  1. vkokonas says:

    Im so excited to go again this year!!! I love those cute dolphins 🙂

  2. aperez1204 says:

    Really can’t wait for spring/summer (or just good weather) to get here and a day at the Shedd Aquarium sounds like fun. Have not been there so it will be nice to see the dolphins.

  3. alexis sofia says:

    …. soo where’s that weather at? these 24 hr previews will not cut it for me. come on mother nature!

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