Queen of Talk & Twitter

Image via Nerve

Hear ye! Hear ye!

LET IT BE KNOWN that on the seventeenth day of the fourth month of the two thousand and ninth year of our Lord (or whoever your Higher Power is) . . .

Oprah. Winfrey. Twittered.

It was only a matter of time before Chicago’s Queen and the Queen of the Talk Show Universe got a Twitter. With such a big occasion, E! News predicts (jokingly) that Oprah’s first Tweet will crash the microblogging site forever. Ashton Kutcher, one of the biggest celebrity Twitterers, is even said to appear on the show, so that has to be some kind of clue, right?

What’s so great about this microblogging site?  Will we be seeing Oprah tweet the usual unusual things that people tend to twitter about?

I’m playing with my dogs. One of them just pooped. I just picked up the poop.

Will she link to important topics that were on her show or that she supports?

Barack Obama! Barack Obama! Barack Obama!

Will she save a life like the Mrs. Kutcher did? Will she rant and rave like Courtney Love?

The possibilities are endless for Oprah’s epic first Tweet. We can only imagine how many people are gonna be staring at her Twitter and keep hitting the “refresh” button to see if she’s Twittered yet. At 8:53 p.m. Central Time 04/16/2009 she had 47,757 followers. At 8:54 p.m. Central Time it jumped to 48,566!

If Twitter crashes tomorrow, so does everyone’s hopes to tell people what they’re doing.

Because you know, texting or calling or even meeting someone is so uncool…


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