Lindsay Lohan’s career: Funny or Die?

Lindsay Lohan has released video of herself mocking an eHarmony ad on

In an attempt to somewhat save her career (or maybe more so her reputation) Lohan poked fun at herself by creating the dating ad in the complete opposite way a serious online dater would.  Instead of explaining what a charming character she is, she used the mock personal ad to acknowledege all the negative press she has recieved over the past year.

In the past, other celebrities have used to release statement-making videos, such as Eva Longoria, Sarah Silverman and Zac Efron.  The most noteworthy of all celebrity videos was released by Paris Hilton in response to a statement made by Senator John McCain during his campaign.

Whether or not Lohan’s video proves to be funny is left for the audience to decide, but one has to question the rationality behind it all.  Can all her negative press really be mocked in such a way, or should the starlet take upon serious action to save her career?  That’s up to Lohan to decide.


One Response to Lindsay Lohan’s career: Funny or Die?

  1. cdurkin2 says:

    I actually thought this video was pretty funny but I do think it is definitely time for Lindsay to grow up. I feel like the only press she gets is negative. But what is the first step she could take to save her career?

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